Kevlar® XP Technology for Soft Armour

Kevlar® XP for Soft Armour – Comfort and Protection

For Police and Military, the job of keeping the peace requires a combination of high-level protection and high-level comfort.

It’s why DuPont developed the next-generation of patented fabric technology used in Kevlar® XP technology for Soft Body Armour.

Police and military forces often need to react to drastically changing situations in just a matter of seconds. That’s why we’ve made a combination of comfort and protection a priority. Kevlar® XP technology for Soft Body Armour features a patented woven fabric technology that helps enable vests to weigh at least 10% less than those made of other commercially available technologies, while still being made of Kevlar® material.

Kevlar® XP technology for Soft Body Armour helps offer more bullet-stopping power. This patented technology helps provide approximately a 15% reduction in back face deformation and superior ballistic performance in a 100% Kevlar® solution. Kevlar® XP for Soft Body Armour technology helps manufacturers provide more comfortable vest designs with at least a 10% reduction in overall weight, helping to give officers the freedom of movement they need to protect themselves, their partners, and the public.

Kevlar® XP range of product is composed of two styles with different dry weights: Kevlar® XP S307 based on 440 decitex yarn and Kevlar® XP S102 based on 1100 decitex yarn.

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