Kevlar® XP chosen by Aegis

Aegis, the designer and manufacturer of specialist body amour, has designed a vest specifically to meet the needs of the humanitarian sector. Due to the vest’s adaptability, it is increasingly popular among many UN agencies and is quickly becoming a vest of choice for the humanitarian sector.

Designed and manufactured by Aegis, the Body Armour Vest incorporates the renowned fibre Kevlar® XP made by DuPont and helps provide tactical, overt protection. The vest provides excellent ballistic protection but is also lightweight, comfortable, durable and does not restrict movement. The UN agencies that have purchased the vests have been among the first to offer a specially designed vest for women as well as men with hard armour protection to the side of the body. The vests also include the companies’ logos for easy identification.

DuPont™ Kevlar® XP is a new, patented technology that helps provide ballistic and trauma protection, and independent tests show that it stops bullets within the first three layers of a vest, helping to reduce body trauma but still giving a lightweight solution. The technology has been designed to provide end-users with high performance body armour that is more comfortable, while addressing the demanding requirements of current and pending global standards.

Steve Pope, Business Development Manager at Aegis, explains: “Many agencies in the humanitarian sector have commissioned Aegis to provide vests for their staff by developing an armour solution that was durable enough to be used across all operational theatres, whilst maintaining the flexibility to address future requirements. The development programme covered all three aspects of body armour design: soft armour, hard armour and outer carrier design. The results of the development programme were stunning, bringing the cutting edge of personal protection within the humanitarian sector and reiterating to their staff how valued they are.”