Military Clothing

Military Clothing – Thermal Protection When Danger Flares Up

Fires are an ever-present hazard for combat personnel, be they pilots, armoured vehicle crews, marines or infantry troops.

For more than 200 years, DuPont has been helping military forces develop innovative solutions that can help protect personnel in a wide range of scenarios. We first developed our Nomex® brand fibre in the 1960s, as a groundbreaking material for US Navy flight suits. Since then, we have continuously improved and diversified the Nomex® brand range to help provide optimal performance in military clothing.

Proven in emergency response and in industrial situations, Nomex® fibre is inherently flame-resistant, so the protection won’t wash or wear out. Nomex® fibre does not melt or drip, and will not continue to burn once the flame source is removed. It creates an insulating barrier against the heat of a fire, slowing the transfer of heat and helping to give the wearer more time to escape. This makes it a material of choice for everything from flight suits, vehicle crewman overalls, balaclavas, jackets and gloves.

Nomex® MTP is particularly appropriate for infantry as today’s infantry is subject to an ever-increasing range of threats. Nomex® MTP combines the thermal protection of Nomex® with high mechanical strength to provide Multi-Threat Protection for infantry.


Extreme testing survivability
To help address the extreme requirements of US Air Force flight suits, DuPont scientists pioneered a laboratory simulation of flash fire conditions. Equipped with 122 sensors, the DuPont™ Thermo-Man® testing unit helps calculate and predict the location and percentage of second- and third-degree burns that military personnel may experience in a flash fire situation while wearing various types of protective apparel. With this unique knowledge, DuPont is able to create and test new technologies to help manufacturers provide superior protection in gear.