DuPont unveils single layer, triple-threat protection garment Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro at A+A 2015


A+A 2015 marks the introduction of DuPont™ Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro, a new single layer, triple-threat protection garment from DuPont Protection Technologies. Conceived for industrial worker facing multiple hazards, in the oil and gas industry for instance, as well as firefighters and those involved in the emergency response to chemical incidents with a risk of flash fire, Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro combines the chemical protection of DuPont™ Tychem® fabric and flame and arc flash protection of Nomex® fiber in a single garment. To be launched as a full-body coverall, combi-suit (consisting of bib overall and jacket) and gown, Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro is slated for CE certification by the end of 2015 and to be commercially available in Europe in 2016.

Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro offers 360 degrees of protection thanks to its combination of Tychem® and Nomex® fabric technology: the Tychem® component forms a chemical barrier, enabling Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro to withstand exposure to a wide range of toxic chemicals, for at least 8 hours. Relied on by firefighters worldwide, flame-resistant Nomex® fibers form the other component of Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro, and provide crucial extra seconds to escape flash fire conditions. Nomex® also gives Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro a proven ability to protect against electric arc hazards from energized systems.

"To date, workers facing multiple hazards may have had to choose between chemical and flame protection, or to wear an unwieldy and cumbersome combination of garments," explains Chloe Caux-Wetherell, new products leader at DuPont Protection Technologies. "As well as offering protection from liquid-chemical jet, flash fire, and electric arc, new Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro consists of just a single layer, allowing a far greater scope of movement and wearer comfort."

Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro has been tested for resistance to permeation against over 240 chemical challenges, of which 175 chemicals have exhibited no observed breakthrough after 480 minutes. This testing also demonstrates that Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro provides at least 8 hours barrier to 19 of the 21 chemicals found in ASTM F1001.

The increased thermal protection that DuPont™ Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro garments offer is clearly demonstrated in simulated fire testing using the DuPont™ THERMO-MAN® instrumented thermal manikin. It consists of a life-size manikin with 122 thermal sensors used to predict level, extent, and location of potential burns of garments in simulated flame exposures. Tests performed on the THERMO-MAN® are in accordance with the ASTM F1930 standard. The Tychem® 6000 FR ThermoPro garment is shown not to continue burning after flame exposure – maintaining a protective barrier to minimise burn injuries.